3D Artist | Motion Designer
matter01_00165 - kopie.png

strange matters

Mindshare Worldwide challenged me to create series of ‘blobs’ representing different sectors of the company. I’ve pushed the idea forward by expressing them not only in form, but also in movement, sound and environment.


matter01_00165 - kopie.png
matter02_00000_00000 - kopie.png
matter03_00000_00000 - kopie.png
matter04_00027 - kopie.png
matter05_00000 - kopie.png
matter06_00023 - kopie.png
matter07_00072 - kopie.png
matter08_00000 - kopie.png
matter09_00047 - kopie.png
matter10_00048 - kopie.png
matter11_00000 - kopie.png
matter12_00077 - kopie.png